Engineering Controls Solutions

Automation and Controls plays a role in just about every aspect of life. As a business – you are always looking to stay ahead of the curve, to be one step ahead of your competitor, and to drive down your costs while increasing your productivity. PNW Controls is here to help you through the process – from generating ideas, to handing you the keys to your new system.

What We Do

No job is too small, nor too big. We pride ourselves in working with any budget, under any circumstance, and in any environment.

  • We can modernize and update your existing HMI or PLC, or even upgrade the hardware, if it is obsolete.
  • Are you logging sensor data? Are you looking to get onboard with IoT? We can help.
  • Whether you have current or obsolete motors and VFDs, we can tune them for maximum performance.
  • Have a new machine idea for your production line? If so, we can turn that idea into a reality.

PNW Controls will work with you to get your business where it needs to be. As a Controls Integrator / OEM, we have seen a lot and dealt with a lot – you can bet your bottom dollar we can solve your problems.

PLC Programming

  • Build/Implementation
  • Code changes
  • Re-works
  • Software Conversions
  • Debugging, Troubleshooting, Firmware Upgrading & More


  • New HMI Build
  • New SCADA Build
  • System Upgrades/Renovations
  • Database Structuring
  • Communications/OPC/IO Configurations
  • Data Manipulation


  • Control Panel/Hardware spec
  • Engineering and Design
  • CAD drawings and markups
  • Prototyping
  • Troubleshooting systems of all types

Industries We Serve

Material Handling / Parcel Management

It’s not just sending a box down a lane – it’s a customer’s trust, a child’s blanket, or a family members medication. Whatever “it” may be, it is just as important to us as it is to you that the parcel finds its way to your customer in a timely, efficient manner.

Train / Plane / Automobile Production

Automation of production in large scale is nothing new. We are here to help support whatever needs you and your company / contract firm may have. Your servo motor not picking a part just right is just as important as a whole system overhaul.

Textile & Resource Processing

Processing materials can be dirty work, but you cannot lose sight of the fact that it is also a science. PNW Controls is here to help clean up the process and dial in your tolerances – increasing productivity, efficiency, and revenue.


PNW Controls has strong relations with local breweries in the greater Seattle area. We like to think of ourselves as craft brew connoisseurs. If your current system is mostly manual and you want to start automating some or all of your production, we are always happy to help contribute to a craft we love.

Water & Waste Management

Water and waste management is a finely tuned beast, with countless sensors and PIDs. Rules and regulations of how this industry operates is known and we are more than capable of working with any part of your system.


Automation plays a hand in every aspect of life. We are here to support you and any needs you may have. We work with big industries, as well as small contractors or family owned businesses.

Striving to lead the automation and controls industry.

The PNW Controls team is comprised of a handful of close-knit, experienced engineers. With many years of combined field time there isn’t much we haven’t seen. When on the job, we put our controls, mechanical, and electrical engineering experience to the test.

Striving to make our customers happy is what we live for. We pride ourselves in our deliverables – if the customer isn’t satisfied, than neither are we.

Our team has worked with many different clients, in all types of industries, through wildly varying budgets – let us add you to the list of satisfied customers.

You have a problem. We have a solution.

No need to write an essay, we would rather talk on the phone or meet in person.

Phone: (206) 919-1281

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